My plan for Macclesfield

Being the smaller party in the first coalition since 1945 and governing a country recovering from the worst recession since 1929 hasn’t been easy for the Lib Dems. I am proud that in government we managed to cut income tax for low and middle earners, protect Schools and NHS budgets, create 2 million apprenticeships and from 2017 deliver the biggest rise in the state pension. The Lib Dems have focussed on building a strong and diverse economy and a fairer society; principles I would wish to continue if elected as your Member of Parliament.

My priorities for Macclesfield will be to promote development and infrastructure projects whilst protecting the green belt and environment. I want to see the creation of more apprenticeships and jobs that will provide the opportunities for young people and families to settle and be secure in the Constituency for years to come. Campaigning for the extension of rural broadband will not only help create jobs but also improve people’s quality of life in rural communities.

The constituents of Macclesfield need a Member of Parliament who will listen, understand their concerns and fight for them at Westminster. I believe I have the experience and ability to take on this responsible job and deliver for the constituents of Macclesfield .


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