About Neil


Neil is the Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Macclesfield for the 2015 General Election.

Over his 15 years working and campaigning with the Liberal Democrats he has gained valuable experience in local and national politics. He stood as a candidate in the European Parliamentary elections in May 2014 for the north west of England region. He is a member of the Lib Dem North West Executive and representative on the Lib Dem English Council.

Neil says:

“I joined the Liberal Democrats when I was 18 to fight for a free and fairer society. I was angered by the increasing gap between the rich and poor that has continued under successive previous governments, a lack of emphasis on protecting the environment, and growing barriers preventing people and families achieve their dreams .”

“Under previous Labour and Conservative governments we have also seen attacks on civil liberties and an ever increasingly centralised government taking decision making away from citizens and local communities. I have continued to campaign and work on a daily basis with the Liberal Democrats for a fairer, more inclusive, and more prosperous society.”

“In 2015 I will continue to work hard setting out the Liberal Democrat manifesto for a fairer society and a stronger economy, so that everyone can get on in life.”

Neil works as a Barrister, from Chambers based in Manchester, practising law throughout the north west of England and north Wales. Neil has lived in Cheshire for 9 years. He grew up in the Isle of Man where he attended St Ninian’s School. He read Mediaeval History at St Andrews and Law at the College of Law in York and in London.